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Non Surgical Breast Enlargement

non surgical breast enlargementThe practice of breast enlargement surgery has been around since the late nineteenth century. At first a very risky process using materials of questionable safety, the techniques have improved somewhat over the years. But surgery is still invasive and risky so many women seek non surgical breast enlargement alternatives.

The variety of these alternatives can be mind-boggling at first, ranging from herbal therapy to a practice in Thailand known as “breast slapping”. To the average woman looking to enhance her figure, research is the key to success.

There are many different types of products and services being offered in order to fill the niche of non surgical breast enlargement. The most common are herbal supplements and creams. Another alternative is hormone therapy, which may produce problematic side-effects in many. Breast enlargement pumps are also on the market, but the general consensus on these is that they tend to do more harm than good, if any good at all. Electrostimulation is one rather controversial method that is being used. To those women that only desire part-time enlargement, a simple prosthetic can create the illusion without the risk of harm. With such a variety, finding the right alternative can be a problem.

Doing one’s homework is the best way to find out about the various methods. Review sights can point an interested person in the right direction by offering a list of products along with customer reviews. This can be one way to filter through those products that actually work and the ones that are just being offered up as scams. This can also be a good way to find out potential side effects that may results from such things as herbal pills. Not all women’s bodies react in the same way and so knowing what to expect and consulting a doctor is key in making this type of decision.

The problems that can arise from using products that exist in an unregulated market can often be more serious than simply being out a few bucks. Some herbal remedies have been reported to create problems such as cramps, stomach pains, allergic reactions, and even tumors. Very few of alternatives are recommended by doctors, adding to the caution one must take in using them.

There are also hormonal issues associated with breast growth that need to be regulated, either within the active ingredients of a pill or through other supplements. Many of the products, of course, simply just don’t work. Sometimes this is because of the product and sometimes because of the physiological make-up of the person taking them. If one product does not work for an individual, then another may.

Using non surgical breast enlargement techniques can be a great alternative, but one should always do plenty of research before trying any of them. Also, the results of the breast enlargement are not instantaneous. For some women it can take up to 6 months before any results are seen. Some techniques make work better for one woman but not at all for another. Consult the doctor, check the reviews, and then make an educated decision on what the best alternative is.

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